Transaction Benefits

Flexible Capital Solutions
Whether a business needs capital for growth, acquisitions, or to execute a shareholder liquidity event or buyout, Tamarix is prepared to develop a flexible financing solution to meet the specific needs of the business, its owners and the management team. Tamarix tailors its investments to the specific needs of each situation and can invest throughout the capital structure, from senior debt to common equity.

Management/Owner Control
Through flexible investment structures, Tamarix enables management and owners to retain operational control of their businesses while achieving a larger ownership position than would be possible relative to partnering with a traditional private equity fund. We are the ideal partner for management owners who believe in the future of their business.

Alignment of Interests
Tamarix focuses on investments where management teams and owners desire to maintain significant equity stakes in their business. Greater ownership stakes for management provide better alignment of interests and a greater ability for management to benefit in future value creation.

Value-Added Partner
Being partners with management teams means more than just providing them with capital. It involves working closely with owners and management in all aspects of the business to drive growth and value.